John Leermakers

Sports Therapy C.A.I.R.E. helps me recover from both sports injuries and my everyday aches and pains. Filipe is able to speed up my recovery time with his specialized treatment while providing me with various rehab exercises. Filipe always makes an extra effort to accommodate my schedule and gets me ready for my next curling game. I would recommend Sports Therapy C.A.I.R.E. to my friends and family and to all who enjoy an active lifestyle.


Wendy Ruffle-McDonald

Filipe understands how important running is to runners. He kept me active through many injuries with a modified training schedule and effective physical therapy. Filipe kept the lines of communication open to understand where pain was felt, proper nutrition and ways to tweak a new regimen. I can't say enough positive things about him and how he kept me training for my next marathon.


Len Cameron

I am weekend warrior who suffered a serious knee injury in 2007. With the assistance of Filipe I was able to get back on the field within a year. Now whether I am playing Basketball, Hiking the escarpment or running down the field playing Ultimate Frisbee; Filipe always gets me back on track. Thank you.


Shannon Leroux

I'm a World Figure Champion, Fitness Model and Mother of two. So needless to say I had no time for a rotator cuff injury! In a panic, I found Filipe at Sports Therapy C.A.I.R.E. He was tremendously confident about the outcome and his warm, kind and understanding demeanour made me feel that I was unquestionably in good hands. Anytime an injury slows me down, Filipe is my first call! Thank you have magic in your hands.